JIMMY DEAN: The original Morning Person

Jimmy Dean was already a household name when he started the Jimmy Dean Sausage Company in 1969 with his brother Don, but Jimmy was known for singing, not sausage making. 


A multitalented entertainer, Jimmy Dean was a country singer, television host and actor. He had several successful country hits throughout the 1950s and ’60s, including the No. 1 Billboard single, “Big Bad John.” His natural charisma and Southern charm served him well as he moved into TV, where he eventually hosted his own variety show, “The Jimmy Dean Show.” 


Jimmy and his brother began their business partnership with hog farming in Plainview, Texas, where they grew up. Their foray into sausage began at a local diner, when Don bit down on a tough piece of sausage and wished he could find one of "good quality". And so the brothers started their own company focused on producing quality sausage. They quickly became the largest supplier of sausage in America.  

Today, we’re proud to continue Jimmy Dean's original commitment to quality. Our roll sausage is still made with premium pork, and every breakfast food we make is created to help people start their morning off right. It’s like Jimmy Dean said in the way that only he could, “Sausage is a great deal like life. You get out of it what you put into it.” 


Nothing else tastes quite like Jimmy Dean premium pork sausage. There’s a good reason for that — our signature blend of savory seasoning. That unmistakable flavor has graced our fresh, high-quality sausage since 1969. It’s how we made our name. And how we intend to keep it.   

Signature Seasoning