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    Well, thanks for taking an interest. You can look for your favorite Jimmy Dean products at your favorite local grocery store or online retailer. Please note that availability may be limited. Can’t find what you want? Just ask your local grocer to stock the item. You did but they didn’t listen? We’ll give them a talking to.
    Because we are unable to give coupons out upon request, be sure to follow us on Facebook for coupons and promotions. And don’t forget to check your local newspaper, favorite magazines, and in-store promotions. They don’t call it coupon hunting for nothin’.
    Please visit the Tyson Foodservice website to find a sales rep as well as information about products and solutions for your operator needs.
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    Heating and cooking instructions are listed on the packaging of your Jimmy Dean product and on our website For specialized appliances like an Instant Pot® or air fryer, please refer to your user manual.
    If you’re looking for storage and safe handling instructions, look no further than the packaging of your Jimmy Dean product or our website.
    We follow truth in labeling policies on all our products. The top eight allergens required by the FDA (dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, fish and shellfish) will always be listed in the “contains” section of the packaging. If we ever change the ingredients in our products, the changes would be reflected on the label.
    Please visit our website for child nutrition labels, product formulation statements, and USDA nutrition information about our products.
    For the best eating experience, there’s no better way than the recommended instructions listed on the packaging. Please see specific Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich product pages for specific heating times. But we hear using the oven to heat or finish toasting your breakfast sandwich can be a great way to elevate your day.
    For the best eating experience, simply follow the instructions listed on the packaging. Please see specific Delights product pages for specific heating times.
    For the best eating experience, we recommend following the instructions listed on the packaging. For food safety and quality purposes, fresh sausage must be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 160°F prior to eating. Due to differences in cooking equipment, cook times may require adjustment. Please see specific Jimmy Dean sausage product pages for specific oven heating times.
    Nothing brings the family together like a good sausage recipe. Try one of our favorites. for your next family meal.
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    By golly, he sure was. Jimmy Dean was a multi-talented country singer, TV show host, actor and entrepreneur.Read more about the man who earned the title ‘sausage king.’
    Tyson Foods employs many individuals for the express purpose of creating and developing new ideas and concepts for our portfolio of brands, and unfortunately does not accept unsolicited ideas from third parties. But the fact that you’re gettin’ creative in the kitchen, well that’s something else.
    We love hearin’ from folks like yourself. If you have feedback, comments or questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to hear from ya.
    Thanks a bunch for your interest in the Jimmy Dean brand. We’re part of the Tyson Foods brand family. Tyson Foods works with a wide range of professionals, academic institutions, and industry groups to advance animal agricultural research and best practices for animal welfare throughout the supply chain. We have placed all publicly available information on our website. You can also read more about our recent research partnerships and projects in our Sustainability Report.