Paparazzi For Good Submission Terms

Calling All Paparazzi!

Jimmy Dean is looking to pay top dollar for your photos.

But not of the rich and famous. We want the real celebrities…the people out in the world doing everyday good deeds.

Why us? Because we want to flood the internet with kindness and put a spotlight on those who are setting an example for others.

At Jimmy Dean, we believe in shining it forward – that if we start our morning off right, there’s no telling what we’ll be inspired to do.

Why you? Because who better to capture random acts of kindness than a highly skilled celebrity photographer?

So we invite you to turn you camera on good-doers.

We’ll pay $500 for every photo we publish. Below are just a few examples of what we’re hoping to capture.


Holding the elevator for others

Picking up litter

Opening the door for someone

Sharing an umbrella

Helping the elderly across the street

Carrying groceries for a neighbor

Giving up a seat for others



  • Photographer must sign and complete the photography release available here.
  • Photographer must submit fully completed model releases, including the contact information, for each individual appearing in a submission, available here.
  • The photographs must be authentic (i.e. not staged) images of individuals performing good deeds, for example photographs of:
    • Someone helping someone cross the street;
    • Giving an umbrella to a stranger;
    • Holding a door open for a person;
    •  Buying a stranger a cup of coffee.
  • The photograph must be the photographer’s own original image.
  • The photograph may not include any children under the age of 18.
  • The photograph should not include any third party logos or trademarks
  • The photographs must be submitted in the following file formats: .png and .jpg.
  • Email photo submissions and fully completed releases to


  • Ogilvy and Jimmy Dean have the right to use the photographs worldwide, in perpetuity, in any and all media, except on television.
  • Photographer will be paid $500 for each photograph that Jimmy Dean publicly uses, subject to photographer verifying ownership of the photograph and submitting completed releases for each individual in the photograph and a photographer release.
  • Ogilvy and Jimmy Dean have the right to use the photograph, in whole or in part, alone or with other material and may alter, modify, edit or otherwise adapt the photograph without photographer’s permission.